The wheel of life

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The wheel of life

Film screening of the play The Wheel of Life – The Life Story of King Bimbisara.

King Bimbisara is a busy man with a lot going on – war has broken out, his son has betrayed him and he is spending the last days of his until recently splendid life in prison. But he has a good friend – Buddha Shakyamuni, who shows him how to use his own inner wisdom to find shelter in a peaceful mind.

This touching drama includes advice for our modern daily lives, where we experience far less disturbance, but need inner protection from suffering and problems just as much as people did in Buddha’s lifetime. Be invited on a journey to ancient India that quickly evolves into an inward journey where you can encounter your own wisdom!

Free event

Performed during the NKT International Festival in Paris, November 2008, The Wheel of Life play tells the story of the life of King Bimbisara, a friend and contemporary of Buddha Shakyamuni. Presenting the entire path to liberation in a way that makes it come alive and immediate to our experience, this special DVD expresses the essence of Buddha’s teachings, inspiring us to engage wholeheartedly in our own spiritual life.

2 hours 20mins running time.
English Audio with German Subtitles.

Everybody welcome!

  • date & time

    monday, 19. Dec | 18:30 – 21:00

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    Kadampa Meditationszentrum Dresden, Hoyerswerdaer Straße 23, 01099 Dresden
    – Tram 6,11,13 until Bautzner Str./Rothenburger Str.
    – Parking directions
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